Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Fun!

It's hard to believe that we're ten days away from Christmas. The weather has decided to cooperate dumping a nice white blanket across Toronto and Southern Ontario (although definitely scary to be trapped in your car for more than 24 hours and require rescue by the military). And the lights are up, so what if the eavesthroughs didn't quite get cleaned.

We got our tree on the weekend - cut down by yours truly - and our house is decorated. Most gift purchasing has been accomplished, even if it required all of my and my wife's combined interneting skills. Let's hoping that key package can make its way here from Kitchener . . .

I'm definitely excited for the holidays, but what has been truly astounding is seeing the little man get so excited. This time around will be his second Christmas and he's in full holiday mode. What he loved most about the last one was eating the wrapping paper. I think hope we've progressed. I'm still not sure he gets it, but he loves the lights, the decorations and the carols. Maybe not during his daycare Christmas Holiday Concert (he balled after the first song), but he is pointing and thrilled by everything Christmassy.  He recognises pictures of Santa, declaring "Ho Ho Ho!" every time he seems the chubby old St. Nick's likeness. Where did he learn that?

He loves the snow too, although it's sometimes confusing for us parents since his word for "snow" sounds an awful like his very authoritative "no".