Thursday, January 28, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 19

It seems that winter has returned to the Tdot. Well at least what passes for winter here. Tomorrow there will be an "extreme cold" warning although I think the forecast temps is -12. So to greet winter's return, we walked to Rainbow Songs. It started the same as the last couple weeks - with Oliver in tears. I think he really just dislikes the room. Church basement, who can blame him? He was all smiles going in and after only one song he was laughing and enjoying himself, so no harm no foul. He's not a singer, but is definitely into percussion. Banging, stamping, shaking the maraca. He gets jiggy with it too.

Despite hoping to make it down to the Little Bean, we spent the rest of the day playing in the living room. The wee man's new favourite trick is the backwards swan dive. No matter how you are holding him he'll wriggle so he is upside-down. Dad just makes sure he holds on.

Oliver also got to speak on the phone with Uncle Stevo and Uncle Spademan. Oliver has already learnt the Kamura, so watch your back Dave. Plus he's got eight teeth and he's not afraid to use 'em.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 18

Hump Day. It was a good one. We are definitely back on track.

Wee man slept well. Woke at the normal hour. Regularly scheduled programming for the morning and afternoon naps. Managed to get out on the Danforth for some errands (good sale at Shopper's this week on formula - $4 off/can; Dad finally got his haircut; and picked up ingredients for dinner).

Lots of crawling practice too. It definitely makes him hungry though. His Gia-Gia would call him a gannet.  See:

Gannets are seabirds in the family Sulidae, closely related to the boobies.
The gannets are large black and white birds, with long pointed wings and long bills. Northern gannets are the largest seabirds in the North Atlantic, with a wingspan of up to 2 metres. The other two species occur in the temperate seas around southern Africa and southern Australia and New Zealand.
Gannets hunt fish by diving from a height into the sea and pursuing their prey underwater. Gannets have a number of adaptations which enable them to do this:
  • they have no external nostrils;
  • they have air sacs in their face and chest under their skin which act like bubble-wrap, cushioning the impact with the water;
  • their eyes are positioned far enough forward on their face to give them binocular vision, allowing them to judge distances accurately.
Gannets can dive from a height of 30 m, achieving speeds of 100 km/h as they strike the water, enabling them to catch fish much deeper than most airborne birds.
The gannet's supposed capacity for eating large quantities of fish has led to "gannet" becoming a disapproving description of somebody who eats excessively, similar to "glutton".

All in all a pretty darn good day. Tomorrow is shaping up to be much busier. Here's hoping the sleep pattern holds. Oh, and the poo-pattern too. It's been pretty consistent for the last little while, making life and laundry much easier (I know, you were all itching for a bowel update).

Daddy Day Care - Day 17

Mixed-up nap schedule. Didnt get out.

Get in my Belly!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Whacha lookin' at?

Daddy Day Care - Day 16

Monday morning started far too early this week. A couple of times. The sleep-crawling practice seems to result in some "vocalizations". Great for the attempts to crawl column, not so hot for hours slept by parental units column. He was, however, happy to retire to a three hour morning nap.

We stopped by his new daycare today to give him a tour and to part with our first born - figuratively too. We had to hand over the deposit. Does anybody remember that Universal Child Care plan of a few years back? What happened to that? We're moving to Quebec.

Tomorrow we're off to Gymboree. Sleep tight tonight little man.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 15 - End of week 3

So that's a wrap on week 3.

All in all a good week. The little dude started to miss his Mommy a bit more, but we still had a blast.

I would like to say Friday was the icing on the week, but Dad made a big mistake that resulted in a pee-soaked, very hungry and overheating yet strangely tolerant little dude. Stay with us as I regale you with the tale.

As we set off for a big walk today to run some pesky errands - oohhh productive - I had everything packed and ready to go.

  • bottle - check
  • diaper bag - check
  • winter clothes - check
  • extra clothes - check
  • sippy cup - check
  • Mortimer the Moose - check
  • soother - check
  • lunch packed - check

Unable to think of anything else we might possibly need on a quick jaunt around the neighbourhood, off we headed. We returned the movie to the rental store. We did some banking. We nipped in to Shopper's. We picked up another bib. Dad's glasses got a tune-up. We got some beers for the weekend. Feeling accomplished and efficient we stopped for a well deserved lunch. Only then, at the Second Cup, a longways from home, did Dad realize he had left the lunch bag on the floor at home - first critical error. Not wanting to dawdle and aiming to get the little guy home quickly for his eats, Dad opted not to change the diaper at Second Cup - second critical error.

We got home. Oliver was hungry. Oliver was wet - as in soaked through his jeans. And Dad still hadnt eaten lunch. We did get it all sorted, had good naps and had fun playing until Mommy got home. Yay Mommy!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 14

Day 13 passed without incident. I should have headed the sailor's warning. Day 14 began early as we were awoken to a crisis at 4:00 am. The little guy had awoken with both his legs stuck through the bars of his crib. Sleep-crawling strikes again. It took both Mommy and Daddy to free his little limbs (and too chubby thighs).

The early am wake (and snack) meant the wee one slept-in until way past 8. Good news? More like short term gratification with long term pain. He wouldn't go down for his morning nap until 11am. In itself no big deal, but when we had to be at Rainbow Songs by 11:45, time was running short.  Daddy ended up waking him early. His hair looks the same as mine when woken rudely - tussled and sticking up in all directions. He can give sleepy dirty looks with the best of them too.

We made it to Rainbow Songs only minutes late and picked up the routine from last week without a hitch - Oliver launched straight into crying. This time around, however, he stopped after the first song and really lit up when the instruments were handed out. He loved banging the tamborine and even danced with his little friend Beatrice.  He never totally let loose though and his contemplative nature was noticed, again. Despite his early years tears, Jessica labelled him a "Zen baby".

We had a quick pit-stop at home to pick up lunch (yes I brought him into the house, despite a fleeting temptation to leave him in the car for 2 minutes) and then it was on to Lil Bean n' Green for another meet-up of Cristin's moms group. Moms and Dad group now. We all ate lunch, played, and discussed trips to St. Maarten and St. Lucia - not for Oliver and fam, but for those of Tatum and Beatrice. Dad turned green with envy which was quickly retracted after picturing the five-hour flight with a munchkin-on-lap. Still, Oliver, stay friends with these girls.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 13

Lucky number 13 and no calamities. The little guy is back to sleeping through the night, although his mornings are a bit early for my taste. Regardless he was in a great mood today and in fine napping form. The big news is that he has a spot in daycare! The 12 month waiting list has paid off. He'll be starting in the middle of March as Dad heads back to the office. Less than two months of Daddy Day Care remain  :(

He also had his nine-month check-up today. We made it to the doctor's office on time for our appointment where the little guy was a very patient patient. Unfortunately, his stoicism reached it's limits as lunch time came and went - along with his dignity. He was weighed (9.04 kg) and measured (73.5 cm), which meant striping down to his birthday suit. Since Dad thought we would be into an exam room in short order, I only re-clad him in shirt, socks and tuque, alongside his diaper, of course. I think returning to the waiting room in such a state was not just an affront to said dignity, but also a blow to his sartorial sense. That and the "toy" the nurse provided to keep him occupied - a urine sample cup. Sterile, but identifiable nonetheless. A clean bill of health and disapproving commentary later we were home.

What was left of our afternoon proved uneventful and Mommy made it home for dinner.

Everyone's zonked here. See you all tomorrow. We'll see if Rainbow Songs goes better this time around and hopefully there won't be any sign of the dreaded parachute . . .

Monkey's Asleep

How a little monkey should be . . .

Sweater Set

As promised some more photos of the little guy in his new sweater and tuque set knitted especially by Gia-Gia!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 12

Tuesday of week three. Good day. The little man slept for most of it. A combo of teething and crawling attempts drained the little one's energy. He slept almost all morning and, after a quick trip to Gymboree and meeting Mommy for a coffee, he conked out for the rest of the afternoon. In fact, he is so tired that tonight he is sleeping on his back - giving up the night-time crawling practice.

He ate some good meals today too - three cubes of mushed veggies on top of cheese and Mum-mum for dinner. Hell, he downed the lamb at lunch. This kid eats better than I do.

Dad's dodgeball season kicked off again tonight. We will see if we can better last season's fifth place rec division finish. Tonight was a good start. A truly fun game. That ended in a tie. That's what dodgeball is supposed to be about. Hell, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

PS - had to add a quick photo, and yes, I did reach for my camera rather than help him out of his predicament. He was stuck for a good five minutes, but he figured it out eventually.

Don't Squeeze the Juice . . .

. . . or he will puke!

At least that was what OJ proved over the past couple of days. His eyes are definitely bigger than his stomach and the second time you see avocado chunks, banana morsels and cheese niblets makes you want to remove them from the menu, permanently. Pressing on his belly as you extricate him from his highchair is also not recommended.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 11

An easy day on Daddy Day Care. It was the last day of Gia-Gia's visit, so Dad had help with the little man. The little dude broke his streak of "straight-throughs" with a brief wake-up at 4:00 am, but a quick bottle and he was back to bed until 8! He wasn't sure what to make of the plumbers, but Dad was very appreciative with the dishwasher now back in working order - 3 weeks after going kaput.

With Gia-Gia's backup, Dad took Oliver to a Greek restaurant for lunch. The little man was very well behaved and charmed the table of business people pitching vodka two tables over. None for you yet, wee one. And no backlava either - as much as you tried to steal Daddy's.

After a great weekend, Oliver was sad to see his Grandma fly back to Edmonton after an amazing visit of eating out, boxing and reading about polar bears. He loves his new sweater and tuque very much too. Thanks Gia-Gia!

We will see what the rest of the week has in store. After a couple of weeks of pelvic thrusting, the little man has discovered that he can get himself into crawling position. We are now on your marks. Go, not quite. He is rocking and wants to crawl soooo badly he has now taken to sleeping on his tummy so he can practice while he sleeps. Checking in on him often yields the sight of him sticking his bum in the air while fast asleep. You go for it little bean!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 10

Well, I'm a bit late posting this. Looks like the little guy beat me to the punch, so I'll keep it short.

Yesterday wrapped up our second week of Daddy Day Care. Still haven't made it to swimming lessons, but overall things are great. We're very happy to have Mommy home and Gia-Gia visiting for the weekend! Oliver laughed all the way home from the airport when we picked her up. Tonight she is going to look after the little one so Mommy and Daddy can go on a date. What is that again?

I can't wait to see what adventures are in store for Daddy Day Care, week three!

I Love You Daddy!

Dear Daddy,
You're a sleepy-head this morning, and I think I know why:) I was a little monkey this week but my teeth are hurting and that makes me cranky.  Have a good sleep in and we'll play soon. Thanks for taking such good care of me - Daddy Day Care is more fun than you know!!
I Love You,
P.S. Yes, after only two weeks in Daddy Day Care I learned how to post blogs (either I'm really advanced, or Daddy Day Care has a pretty rigorous "web" module).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 9

Today Daddy Day Care had one of it's rockiest mornings yet. The wee one started all cute and cuddly in the morning - slept in late, had lots of giggles and cute smiles, but then the mischief started. Nothing huge at first. Normal naptime came and went. Attempt #2 also met with failure. By the time 10am rolled around, attempts #3, #4 and #5 had also failed and we were running out of time to nap before Rainbow Songs. Dad was starting to get a bit panicked.

The little guy finally went down and woke just in time for the outing, but he must have eaten after midnight because it was all downhill from there.  Rainbow Songs was spent in a mixture of tears and hyperventilating. Bottles and comforting were refused, repeatedly.

Don't get him wet, keep him out of bright light, and never feed him after midnight.

Afternoon naptime was a relief for Daddy, as the Gremlin didn't put up too much of a fight. Hopefully the brake lines won't have been chewed through. He slept well until four when Daddy thought it was time to try the "outing thing" again. This time just a walk and everyone had fun. The weather was mild and the little guy loved playing peek-a-boo with his stroller muff. After a nice long walk (with a quick stop at the LCBO for Daddy), we met Mommy at home for dinner and family fun time. The little guy then settled down to a peaceful sleep while Mommy and Daddy ordered in. At least the week is almost finished.

Tomorrow we hit double-digits of Daddy Day Care and Gia-Gia comes to visit. Looks like it'll be a good weekend!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DDC - Day 8

Another good night's sleep. I don't want to jinx it, but we seem to be on a roll here! The only difference was when Oliver awoke this morning, he flipped straight onto his belly to practice crawling. He's not there yet, but given the effort he's putting in (and the associated frustration level) I think he'll nail it soon. Then we will see just how baby-proofed the house really is.

Oliver met Maia and Cohen for a playdate at the Lil' Bean N' Green. The little man ate a satisfying lunch and then it was off to the play area to work off those calories. The Jolly Jumper was a big hit, as always, as was the recycling truck and a big yellow ball. Maia did steal the ball at one point, but the smooth little dude let the lady have her way - including the shot to the face. Dad was pleased to see he wasn't the only dad present amongst the army of babies and moms. There were in fact two of us! It was a fun time, but Dad may have pushed it a little too far as Oliver had a big poop in his carseat on the way home, demanded a bottle as Dad tried to stem the poo-tide and then crashed out for a solid two hour nap.

The little man didn't wake until Mommy arrived home - much to Dad's relief. He was very happy, to pass the feeding and the changing off to Mommy. Another up-the-back-poop and some refusal to eat today's menu supported Dad's excellent decision to tag Mommy in. Although it did result in an unscheduled bath. And another load of unscheduled laundry.

Tomorrow is Rainbow Songs, and some housework, if everything goes according to plan. Really, what could go wrong?

Lunch @ the Lil Bean

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 7

Tuesday - better than Monday. This is progress, people.  There wasn't much to be accomplished today so we got a checkmark in the only box we had - exchanging the already opened (before we bought it) can of formula for a new one. Also stopped by the library, hectic I know, but we were thwarted at Starbucks. Nowhere to sit. Tomorrow we return to Lil' Bean n' Green.

After our "adventure" (read the outing above), we returned home to focus on food, fun and naps. Lunch was great - fresh avocado, cheese and some bread - at least at first. Oliver fed most of it to himself. Dad was very proud (of both Oliver and himself), until Oliver got a bit stuck and puked it all up. Then it was time for naps.

After nap for Oliver (Dad used this time to be productive and actually clean the house!) we played catch. Oliver thought it was great fun and quickly learned to throw the ball back to Daddy. Much squealing ensued. So much squealing that, after catching some of it on videotape, Dad tried to dial things down a bit with some quiet storytime. Oliver was content to listen to one of his new favourite books Lost and Found.

The little guy got hungry for dinner a bit earlier than usual, likely because lunch ended up on the floor, and down his front, and on Daddy's pants. Despite the lunchtime fiasco, Dad was bold. Tossing caution to the wind, Dad slipped beef onto the menu again. After a near repeat of the "return of the lunch", Oliver kept it down and actually asked for more! Dinner was then a great success - cheese, carrots, parsnip and beef. We'll make him an Albertan yet.

When Mommy got home from work, Oliver was very excited to see her, so much so that his desire to sleep quickly fell down his priority list. Instead he wanted to show Mommy his wild bouncing and attempts to crawl. This demonstration continued through bathtime, into his room, and into his crib - way past bedtime. Well, he's down, for now at least. Let's keep the streak alive, little man, and see you in the morning (hopefully)!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 6

It's Monday and our second week of Daddy Day Care. This morning didn't start off on the best note with Oliver rising bright and early (before 6am). I should have taken this for a sign of things to come, one of those omens that the apocalypse is nigh. It still counts as "a sleep through the night", taking his streak to six nights in a row  (like the Leafs, we'll take 'em when we can get 'em). Hopefully this is the new normal, the dominant paradigm, the way the world turns, at least with the sleeping all the way through, not the early rising, whatever they say about birds and worms.

We were excited for our first Gymboree class today, but nap schedules, like the stars, did not align ideally. I had to wake the little man so we could make our first class. You don't want to be late on the first day! Oliver was registered in Level 3 (10-16 months), but we've now moved down to Level 2. He really really wants to crawl, but it still hasn't happened yet and I think he was a bit put out not being mobile like the other kids. He had big smiles for his teacher, Cynthia, but was not a fan of the parachute. NOT a fan. However, in this he was not alone, I mean, it was designed to escape from doomed aeroplanes - not really something that springs to mind as a toy.

Home for lunch - an exquisite combination of cheese and banana - and then it was naptime once again.  Dad was all too happy to partake in that particular activity. Following afternoon naps, despite being a happy little guy, Oliver was thrown off a bit by multiple "bonks". By the third, Dad had given up preparing dinner and is still trying to determine how Oliver went from his belly on the mat to banging the back of his head on the hardwood. ETA for parental supper - 9pm-ish, I hope.

Trying to bring the day to a close, it was time for Oliver to eat a nice home-cooked dinner. Fresh beef was on the menu, but Oliver turned up his nose.
Same with the carrots.
And the turkey.
And the peas.
And the cereal, yogurt and apricots.
Chef's Special was all he would accept. Thankfully Chef's Special is real easy to prepare. Like reach-your-hand-into-a-box-of-Cheerios easy.

Nothing's on the itinerary tomorrow, except a trip to Shopper's to get some more formula, hence naps will rule the agenda. Here's hoping to a full night through.

We love you little man, and we know that nothing is harder than being a baby. Still, let's all try for smoother one tomorrow.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy 9 Months

The little man is nine months old today! Have a great day little person.

DDC - Day 5

The first week of Daddy Day Care is in the books. All in all it was a pretty decent start. Next week our activities ramp up with Gymboree, Rainbow Songs and swimming lessons. None of those came to pass this week, unfortunately. We were sidetracked by poonamis and dishwasher repairmen (on the dishwasher front it is not looking good - machine is fine, pipes not so much. When is Spring again?).

The weekend should be a good one too. Oliver is over his cold (knock on wood) and his top four front teeth have cut. It's merely a dangerous warren of little blades now, instead of a painful sleep-depriving process of self-cutting.  He's slept straight through for three in a row now. If you are a Canadian sports team, these three straight victories is more than you can possibly dream of. (Let's focus on the Olympics where amateurs may be able to help us out). Here's to more in the days (and weeks) ahead!

As for lessons learned:

  • naps on time are important;
  • he doesn't really ask, so be sure to offer the bottle, frequently
  • despite how arduous it seems, get out of the house. Everyday.
Next week, only a few things to avoid: poonamis, poomageddon, poo & awe, and superpoolifragalisticexpealidocious. That's about it really. Let's hope the weather stays on this side of nice too. Love the snow, but the extra bundling for the little man makes getting out of the house just that much more difficult.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Waste not want not

Oliver feeding himself cheese from the bib-catcher. As a young
Cheeseman his love for cheese is only natural.

Oliver's Favourite

The little man loves one YouTube video above all others:

He lights up every time we put it on for him.

Mischief Man

There seems to be a bit of a misperception going around that Oliver is all sunshine and roses. Well he is a pretty sweet little guy, but he definitely has some mischief in him.  He flirts with the ladies (like at Starbucks on our walk today), he likes to get his way (as in that is the toy I want and I would like it now), and he has been known to cause a bit of ruckus with his rents (Mommy would like her eye back, please).

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 4

Tomorrow is Friday. First week is almost done. It has flown by, to tell the truth. Not sure what was accomplished - apart from fun, laughing and generally acting like a kid (x2).

As for today, Rainbow Songs was cancelled - boo (as per last post). Hopefully we'll get a make-up class. It did mean we could meet Mommy early for lunch. Then it was on to tour our first daycare. Yes, months away, but still the groundwork must be laid. Average waiting list at today's venue - 18 months. Sorry we didn't sign you up as a fetus, little man.

This afternoon was well spent napping and playing. Kid sure does love the Xylophone. I see percussion in his future - sorry neighbours.

Hanging at the coffee shop

Rainbow Songs was cancelled. Boooo!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 3 continued

So hump day is over. Wow the time flies.  Poo-nami this morning probably didnt help. Good thing it was bath day. Now I know from whence the term "shitshow" hails. As long as tomorrow it's not hailing poop all will be well.

Yesterday (DDC Day 2) we made it out in the cold and snow to run errands, but today was more relaxed as we sipped coffee (well Daddy did) and munched lunch down at the Lil' Bean N' Green. Warm, good food (yum, mushed avocado and Cheerios!) and lots of toys.

Tomorrow is day 4 and it's shaping up to be a busy one. Music class and daycare tryouts, rather tour. Be brilliant young one. We need to get in - no pressure.

Sleep tight. See you in the AM - not too early in the AM I hope.

Daddy Day Care - Day 3

Trying out the Jumparoo. So far so fun!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bathtime with Mommy

After her long day at the office, mommy gave Oliver a nice bath when she got home. Much splashing and fun was had by all.

I'm going mobile

While I still have to work out going forwards, I seem to have nailed
reversing - until I got wedged under the couch that is.

Good luck Mommy!

On your first day back at the office!

Back to work

Mommy is on the bus, ready for her first day back to the office -
coffee and Kleenex box in hand.

Wishing my sweet boys a fun day together - miss you already!

Now, I like the rest of you, I eagerly await the next blog update.


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Sunday, January 3, 2010


January 3, 2010

Well, the little guy slept all the way through last night.  He did it before, but now he is almost officially and completely over his terrible bug. Still some greeners making appearances, but all in all that one has pretty much run its course. Can't wait until the next one!

He's getting a bit more mobile too. Getting onto belly - check. Rotating on belly - check. Pushing self backwards - check. Pushing against Daddy with feet to slide forwards - check. Falling forward onto face on the hardwood - check. Much crying and whimpering - check.  Naptime? - check.

Tomorrow Mom goes back to work and Dad is home alone with the little dude for the next three months. I think everyone is a bit nervous ;-)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oliver & Aunty Kate

Happy New Year!

Kate and her friend Haley came down from Ottawa to visit for New Year's.  Oliver loved the visitors.  Ad for New Year's Eve, Oliver had a late night, but the ball dropped for him around 8pm. Cris and Nick actually made it to midnight, but only 3 minutes past it.

Happy New Year everyone!