Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Watching Toy Story

Happy Father's Day

Dear Daddy,

You're the best daddy all around town
You turn our frowns upside down
You pick us up and help us to reach
for the moon and the stars or a soft sandy beach.

Dear Daddy, we love you like crazy!
Hope this year's Father's day isn't too hazy.

Get some sleep soon!


Sorry for party rockin!

Happy Father's Day!

Oliver & Max

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Daily Graze

In the lead up to Father's Day, I've been asked by the good folks at Phillips to try out a new shaver and share what I think. At the time, I only had one son, but in the last week that tally has doubled so I must be doubly qualified - or at least too sleep deprived to be anything but positive. I expect they're looking for some good news given how the Oranje are doing at Euro 2012.  *Full disclosure - they gave me this shaver for free!

On first impression the Power Touch Pro Electric Shaver is a pretty slick bit of kit. I haven't used an electric shaver in years - some bad experiences during my teens (of course, by that logic I probably shouldn't be drinking beer either). I have an old one in the drawer, but the cord is too short, it takes too long to clean and let's face it, the shave sucked, unless you enjoy a patchy face missing chunks of flesh.

It seems that most of these hurdles have been cleared with this one. I have to admit I was little unfair straight out of the gate. I had a week of growth when I unleashed the Power Touch without any trimming. To keep comparisons above board, I did one half of my face with the electric shaver while I tackled the other half with my standard wet shave ('cause I know you're itching for some evidence-based scientific methodology). Overall both shaves came about even and pretty good.

I was planning on giving the Power Touch another go on only a day or two of growth, but then you know we sort of had another baby and I got a bit distracted. I can report that three days after the arrival of our new wee man when I needed a quick shave, I grabbed the Phillips and sure enough got a decent shave in no time. Sure the neck was still a bit iffy, but then it usually is. The other big plus for me is the ease of cleaning. I have enough to clean from kitchens to dirty diapers so the ease of simply rinsing this shaver under the tap was a pleasant surprise.

Verdict: All in all, I'll be mixing the Phillips into my shaving routine for those quick and easy shaves, although when I have the time and a need a super close shave I'll stick with my wet razor.

Thanks Phillips for giving me a chance to try it out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome Max Cheeseman

Welcome to the big wide world Max! After some initial hesitation, the little guy got really moving. Mommy was amazing and we were thrilled to meet you in person at 10:39pm on June 11 weighing just under 7 lbs.

Turns out you're just as active outside as you were keeping mommy up nights. I know your big brother is looking forward to meet you too.

So far you've slept well and mommy and daddy are looking forward to catching up on some rest too. You've been a trooper when we changed you, have eaten like a champ, and hopefully we can bring you home soon.

 Love Mommy and Daddy