CanaDad - With two stints of SAHDism behind him, Nick works two full time jobs - one for the man, the other for the fam. Despite his under-appreciated breakfasts, Nick firmly believes in an even share of housework, childrearing and bringing home the bacon.

CanaMom - A powerful career woman and supermom, Cris rocks the boardroom and keeps us all on track. A lioness and momma-bear, Cris is also happy to book your dream vacation.

The Big Guy - The big little man continues to sprout like a weed. A head taller than most classmates he often gets mistaken for older than he is. Useful for getting into bars, not as helpful avoiding
admission charges to local attractions.

CantStopWontStop - Since his arrival, the Pumpkin Man continues to surprise us in new ways. And we thought we had it figured out with the first one. His spirit animal is the Energizer Bunny.