Saturday, September 19, 2009

Soccer with the cousins

Oliver attended his first soccer (football) match today as he watched cousin Brody playing for the mighty Bunnies.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Cheese

Oliver spent some time this morning making a birthday card for his Grandpa who is far away in Edmonton.


Po' Boy

Oliver & his new high chair

He hasnt started solid foods quite yet, but he likes the idea of eating at the table!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Animal lover

Ready to go exploring the city!

The Incredible Mobile Marvel

Oliver has lots of tricks up his sleeve but his most recent antics take place in his crib. Feigning helplessness around his gullible Mom, Oliver quickly changes pace when placed down in his crib for a nap or the night. Early last evening his parents found him sound asleep, rotated 180 degrees with his feet sticking out of the slats of his crib. Early this morning the bang, bang, rattle that awoke his slumbering folks wasn't the garbage pick up, it was Oliver creating a fantastic musical drum solo from within his crib.

When will parents ever learn....weeeee little guys are so much smarter than given credit for (always one step ahead;).

Yummy spoon

A little monkey

Breakfast together

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big smiles


Blowing rasberries

Oliver is 5 months Old!

Oliver turned 5 months old on September 9th. So hard to believe! It's becoming a real challenge to keep up with all of his new tricks - rolling, blowing raspberries, toes in the mouth, and giggling to name a few. All of sudden he's aware of everything and his parents have been blown away by his development in the span of a few days. While all babies are different and go through different milestones at different stages, the five month mark for Oliver has been remarkable. In comparison, his rather slow-learning parents continue watch and observe with joy and wonder.

Better go now before Oliver rolls across the floor and out of sight.

We'll post more photos soon!