Thursday, August 28, 2014


#TBT to that time when MaxLoco and the goat saw things the same way.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Headed to the Jays Game!

Thank you for babysitters.
When they don't call 911.
Without calling you first.
True Story.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Decent Hour

Despite MaxLoco's love of soccer, some other sports are starting to strike his fancy. I'm fine with whatever he chooses, as long as practices, games and camps are at a decent hour.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Start 'Em Young aka Born to be Legendary

As a parent in this day and age, I find there is one ever-present, particularly gnawing question. It can keep a parent up at night and drive you to distraction. Worse, if you get it wrong, you could be setting your kids up for failure.

So which programs should you enroll them in?

The drivers are numerous: making your kids happy; preparing your little ones for the future; giving them the tools to succeed; giving yourself a break (i.e. making them someone else's responsibility for an hour or two);  or simply living out your own dreams vicariously.

The harsh realities are many:

  • Success in sports is a longshot.
  • There are a lot more starving artists than those on the red carpet.
  • Spelling bee titles have little real world application.

But there's one arena where your little one, talented or not, in a few short years has a real chance to become not only a world champion, but the opportunity to travel the globe, well at least an expenses paid visit to Oulu, Finland.

Air Guitar!

Beyond the music, the drama, the athleticism, Air Guitar supports World Peace. After all "If you are holding an Air Guitaryou can't be holding a gun"In Toronto recently, the Canadian national champion was crowned.  Lee "Brymtime" Brymer battled some stiff competition sealing the deal in the compulsory round to Journey's "Any Way You Want It". And now he's off to Finland. With proceeds going to support of our favourite charity Right To Play.

Oh, and there's even national media attention:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time for a Trim

Short-long. Hockey-hair. Mullet.

 It had to be removed. The rats nest MaxLoco's hair needed to be tamed. While his old do fits his personality, it was time to reduce the impression that he is neglected. Between his curls and his body-rocking, his dreads were becoming more or less permanent.

Despite his skepticism (see photo evidence right), the haircuts went well. The big one is thrilled by his style, but it's tough as a parent - they always end up looking older. Cute, but older. Enjoy it boys, before it falls out.

Now if only I can find time to squeeze in a cut for myself.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Birthday Blues Begone

For my birthday this hear, my lovely wife got some of the gang together got us tickets to an artist we've loved seeing for well on ten years now - Michael Franti. So we headed out to Echo Beach, a nice outdoor venue on the water in Toronto for the #SoulShineTour.

Getting pulled on stage was just a bonus :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

1 + 1 = exhausted

This week, Cris had the good fortune of the week off work. I was not so lucky. So rather than come back to the city with me or chase after the toddler (#MaxLoco) on the uneven ground surrounded by water at the cottage, she stayed up north with only the big guy. So for the week we each had one kid.

It was actually pretty sweet. Loco managed to keep things in check, with only one (justified) biting incident at daycare. And the big guy had a blast swimming, canoeing, and all around enjoying the great outdoors. I managed to get a ton done around the house, stay up a bit past my bedtime watching movies and still waking refreshed. Cris got to sleep in, take it easy and generally enjoy cottage life.

Everyone is back under one roof tonight, and three hours in I've already had to have a nap. Somehow the combo of the two of them is just exhausting. I'm pretty sure they play us off against each other (see: Louis C.K., Hide and Seek), but they both demand different things (O-man is mentally draining, while Loco is physically punishing) which in combination give us no respite.

So who's up for a playdate?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The World Cup is behind us. Germany, rightfully won it all. There was drama, there were goals, there was biting. And of course there was marketing.

Our two favourite commercials from this summer of soccer (football) were from juggernauts Nike and McDonalds.

The boys happened to catch them. The big one thought cool, but no big deal. #MaxLoco, however, has gone soccer mad. Bye bye Elmo. See ya Pocoyo. SOCCER! While there is the odd two-year old tantrum for a cookie or the need for a purple fork (we don't have any, by the way), the central pre-occupation, focus, obsession is soccer. 

Malcolm Gladwell talks about the 10,000 hours required to become an expert. We are well on our way. 

He's already mastered the drop-kick. But that maybe self-defence.