Monday, January 24, 2011

Language Lessons

Oliver's language skills have been improving in leaps and bounds. We have been aware for some time that he understands far more than he can communicate. He's become quite the little parrot too and usually can grasp the meaning of the snippet he spits back.

So it was worrying today when he asked for a fork. Now the word he uttered began with an "f" but it sounded more like "truck" than "fork". Of course when I asked if meant fork he agreed readily. I'm taking him at his word since I don't recall any poor drivers in the moments before his speech.

Then in the bath he was talking to his frog. Again, another word beginning with "f", but this one too sounded more like "truck" than a little green amphibian. I'm convinced that's what he said though. Definitely "frog".

We'll see tomorrow what he calls the frost.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Readying for Winter

This weekend we were surprised by the arrival of real winter. The snow had been holding out on us a bit, but with this dump it was time to make tracks.

The little man decided to appropriate some daddy's winter wear for his own purposes.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Return of Routine

We are well into the first week of January of the new year. Yes, shocker to you too. So now we are finally getting back into a routine. October and November were a bit hectic with travel, December saw the holidays come and go, along with lots of family and January is back to daycare for the wee man and the office for mom and dad. So we should just pick things up right where they were before, correct?

Well now we have snowsuits. It's true that the snow seems to keep disappearing (I'm blaming global warming), but it's still pretty chilly out. So every morning we do the snowsuit dance. Come on parents, you can do it with me now.

Lay the snowsuit out, stick the right leg in and try to stop the wailing;
Stick the left leg in, watch the right leg escape and try to stop swearing;
Stuff the right arm in, followed by the left and try to get the toque on;
Now flip them upside down and try for the winter boots.

After the abominable snowman wrestling,  I usually feel like I need a shower to recover from my end of the workout. then it's time for round two.

Pick the snowman up, twirl him all around and cram him in his seat;
Slide the arms through, find the buckle underneath and tighten those straps;
oh you get the idea. So summer weather, when do you come back?