Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Release the Beast!

"Release the beast!"

A cry that heralds the unleashing of ferocious savagery. A purposeful decision to release something perhaps best kept contained. A recognition of an unstoppable force easier to flee if wild. A sign to take cover.

This is our call when, amongst the carnage that was once a clear table, a clean floor, unbent cutlery and intact dishes, we let bend to the inevitable. When we let #MaxLoco out of his highchair.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Football football football

It's Sunday. And the planets have aligned. The big one is playing Lego quietly. The little one's naptime is approaching. Mommy is out for a grocery shop. Even the bunny ears are working on the tv. Time to settle into the couch, grab some nachos, maybe even a beer and watch some football.

At least that's how I dreamt it. Turns our the big one is done the Lego and wants to play baseball. The little one has a cold and is refusing a nap. I'm participating in the grocery shop through the wonders of text messaging.

Football, maybe next weekend.