Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Well that was difficult

On Sunday night I got off a fifteen hour flight from Hong Kong. Worn out, tired and hungry, I passed through customs, grabbed my bags off the luggage carousel and struggled through the airport. I was looking for the taxi stand to complete the final leg of the journey home after two weeks away travelling through China and Hong Kong for work.

In a semi-daze, I located the sign directing me towards the waiting cars and then did a double-take. Mummum and the little man had a made a trek of their own out to the airport to surprise me! It was awesome.

I missed them tremendously over the two weeks I was away (missing both Hallowe'en and my wife's birthday). It was the longest I had ever been separated from the little man.  Sure we video-chatted regularly and many photos were emailed, but wow did I miss him and his mom.

He's changed a ton in two weeks too. He's taller. He has more hair. He has more words.

And he likes his panda.

It's good to be home.

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