Monday, January 24, 2011

Language Lessons

Oliver's language skills have been improving in leaps and bounds. We have been aware for some time that he understands far more than he can communicate. He's become quite the little parrot too and usually can grasp the meaning of the snippet he spits back.

So it was worrying today when he asked for a fork. Now the word he uttered began with an "f" but it sounded more like "truck" than "fork". Of course when I asked if meant fork he agreed readily. I'm taking him at his word since I don't recall any poor drivers in the moments before his speech.

Then in the bath he was talking to his frog. Again, another word beginning with "f", but this one too sounded more like "truck" than a little green amphibian. I'm convinced that's what he said though. Definitely "frog".

We'll see tomorrow what he calls the frost.

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