Thursday, February 17, 2011


How many eyes do you have? How many feet?

The answer may surprise you, at least if you ask the wee man. In recent days he has taken to counting everything. Feet and eyes are the usual suspects, but various animals, bits of food and raindrops also are noted and counted. The only place this really breaks down is if the item being counted is present in anything other than a pair. Counting, it seems, follows an irreversible logic. If there is one, then there must be two, and if we're going to keep on going then the next integer is 4 followed by 6 which is quickly succeeded by 9.

Those are the wee mans numbers - 1, 2, 4 ,6, 9. They've also become our lottery numbers, but we don't think they'll land us lost in Hawai'i.

But how good is your counting? Let's put it to the test. Just click on the cool litlle button on the upper left (or the one below) and see how much you can donate to a great cause. This year, mummum, dadda and the little guy are all hopping aboard bicycles to Ride for Heart! Of course the wee man wont be pedalling himself, but now Dadda has the toddler on top of  his extra holiday weight haul along the course.

See you at the finish line!

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jgam said...

Great post. Love the tie into Ride donation.

Cohen has always boycotted numbers 3 and 4. He rolls 1 through 10 but always leaves out 3 and 4. Pretty hilarious.

Kids rule.