Monday, June 13, 2011

Don't Feed the Animals (on purpose anyway)

Over the past couple of weeks the wet weather has receded and we are finally basking in the warm sunshine of summer. Take one part sunshine, add a patio set gifted by a generous neighbour and all of a sudden we have an extension on our house: a new dinning room! Mealtime has been permanently shifted to the back deck (remember to ask me in November how it's going).

Aside from the obvious benefits of Canadian summer (see any one of a hundred beer commercials for specifics) taking our tea outside is tremendous for one simple reason. Evenings spent on our hands and knees scraping, wiping and chipping away at foodstuffs have vanished. Prying molten cheese from the gaps in the hardwood is no more. "Flow on!" I say to the rivers, lakes and pools of water, juice and milk. Quickly cementing mashed potatoes, individual grains of quinoa and sticky smears of peanut butter? Enjoy young squirrels, raccoons and neighbourhood possum. Your clean-up services are greatly appreciated.

Now I can enjoy a beer, have a conversation with my wife and let the wee man experiment in his food laboratory to his heart's content. Summer. Let's hope it's endless.

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