Monday, January 16, 2012

Pizza Night

Friday night was going to be the perfect kick off to a great weekend. We'd had a good a week. The wee man became an expert at getting his winter gear on and off, sometimes before running throughout the house in his winter boots. We'd stuck to our menu plan, eating some meals, on time and on budget. This was going to be a night of relaxation. After their screw up on New Year's weekend, we called in our free pizza from Pizza Aiolo.

Mommy ordered before she left work with the plan that it would arrive shortly after we got in from our commute home. The whole car ride we discussed the yummy pizza dinner that was awaiting us. When the delivery guy knocked on the front door, the little dude wasn't even shy and thanked the "pizza man".

Mommy was still a few minutes away but we settled in at the table to get started. Opening the box revealed this:

"Salad Pizza" according to the little guy. And his reaction?

I hadn't seen this big a meltdown in quite some time. Lego was destroyed, pizza thrown (notice the two missing slices in the first photo), tears fell and the cry was genuinely mournful.

Thankfully Mommy was able to stop at another pizza joint on the way home and grab a couple slices of cheese pizza. Crisis averted and parental lesson learned.

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Unknown said...

Great post. Sound's like something my litle one's would do. Really enjoy the blog.