Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dental Dynamics

Baby teeth. Those bad boys are sharp. They're also pretty tough. The wee man has tested this on numerous occasions leading with his mouth into various objects, surfaces and appliances.

His listening skills also haven't been in top form of late. So when it was time for his first dental appointment I have to admit that I was in no big rush. Visions of raucous tantrums, flying fluoride in an environment replete with sharp and pointy objects didn't top the list of where I wanted to be.

Thankfully the children's dentist has seen it all before. And of course the wee man decided to surprise me. The hygienist prepared me for a three phase approach. Depending on how each phase unfolded we'd make call on the next. Seemed like a project management approach usually reserved for billion dollar infrastructure builds, but totally appropriate in the situation.

And of course he was perfect. We got through the exam. Then the fluoride and we finished it up with the x-rays.

I'm still amazed at how absolutely still he sat with the film jammed in his mouth, under an enormous leaded vest with the giant x-ray machine wedged up against his jaw and all the adults fleeing a behind bunker.

Now if only my upcoming appointment will go as well.

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Stephanie said...

Ug..I get the sweats just thinking about that man in the white coat. Glad the appt went well!