Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Daily Graze

In the lead up to Father's Day, I've been asked by the good folks at Phillips to try out a new shaver and share what I think. At the time, I only had one son, but in the last week that tally has doubled so I must be doubly qualified - or at least too sleep deprived to be anything but positive. I expect they're looking for some good news given how the Oranje are doing at Euro 2012.  *Full disclosure - they gave me this shaver for free!

On first impression the Power Touch Pro Electric Shaver is a pretty slick bit of kit. I haven't used an electric shaver in years - some bad experiences during my teens (of course, by that logic I probably shouldn't be drinking beer either). I have an old one in the drawer, but the cord is too short, it takes too long to clean and let's face it, the shave sucked, unless you enjoy a patchy face missing chunks of flesh.

It seems that most of these hurdles have been cleared with this one. I have to admit I was little unfair straight out of the gate. I had a week of growth when I unleashed the Power Touch without any trimming. To keep comparisons above board, I did one half of my face with the electric shaver while I tackled the other half with my standard wet shave ('cause I know you're itching for some evidence-based scientific methodology). Overall both shaves came about even and pretty good.

I was planning on giving the Power Touch another go on only a day or two of growth, but then you know we sort of had another baby and I got a bit distracted. I can report that three days after the arrival of our new wee man when I needed a quick shave, I grabbed the Phillips and sure enough got a decent shave in no time. Sure the neck was still a bit iffy, but then it usually is. The other big plus for me is the ease of cleaning. I have enough to clean from kitchens to dirty diapers so the ease of simply rinsing this shaver under the tap was a pleasant surprise.

Verdict: All in all, I'll be mixing the Phillips into my shaving routine for those quick and easy shaves, although when I have the time and a need a super close shave I'll stick with my wet razor.

Thanks Phillips for giving me a chance to try it out.

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