Saturday, September 8, 2012


So we've been a bit out of touch of late. Summer vacation, trips to the cottage, and a new baby. It's all meant this space has been a bit neglected. 

For the recent long weekend, we headed up to Six Mile Lake in Ontario cottage country to school the boys in some classic Canadiana. A good starting point was a soundtrack on the drive up supplied by The Tragically Hip. The loon calls greeting us as we unloaded the car were right on cue. Fishing off the dock (with our MNR issued Outdoors Card and fishing licence) yielded some small mouth bass and a perch or two.

For the grown-ups, a solid Mad Tom IPA from Muskoka Brewery hit the spot while lounging on the exposed rock of the Canadian Shield. With the fire ban lifted after some good rains, we managed to roast marshmallows (after a bit of manual labour to build a suitable fire pit).
Early morning canoe adventures were definitely appreciated, as were sleep ins, good quality naps, and on-demand Nespresso.

Thanks to Leah, Graham and the boys for hosting and an extra special thanks for the delicious anniversary dinner. Five years, two boys and a beautiful and amazing wife. Life's pretty good.

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