Saturday, October 11, 2014

Big Boy Underwear

#MaxLoco is in his big boy underwear. Well done little man!

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Alec said...

I am going to have to take a quick look under your sons underwear to make sure everything is still healthy. That’ would mean I would need you to leave the room and I would then take your son back into the bed room close the door lock the door and then pull his little boy underwear down and then I would see his little penis standing in erect mode, then I would start stroking his penis off and he would start giggling then I would lick his penis head then I would notice clear fluid oozing out from his little dick head so I would wrap my lips around his smooth small little boy penis and swallow all of his penis juices right out from his penis hole. I would then roll each little testical in my fingers then I would gently squeeze his testicals then I would roll him over and see his cute little boy bum spread his bum cheeks apart and smell little boy bum then I would lay my head down on his cute little bum cheeks and kiss his bum cheeks and then spread his legs open and kiss his little boy balls then turn him around again and jerk his penis off once more before I leave and kiss him on the tip of his penis head