Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Battle of the Bike Helmet

Last summer we got the little man into cycling. At that time, at just over a year, he wasn't flying through stages on a road bike, nor was on a fat tire crossing the spine of the continent. He was alternating between the trailer and the seat on the back of our bikes. And he loved it.

This Spring, with the weather getting steadily nicer, mumum had a chance to bike the little guy into work on Friday. Turns out he has a fat head. Well at least his relatively new helmet no longer fit. It didn't matter. He was over his red fireman helmet. Now he wanted "blue one". So we headed out to find him a nice new helmet. Hopefully one that fits for more than one season.

In the store, his first crush was on a nice lime green one. Sensible, stylish, practical - what wasn't to love. At least for two and a half minutes.

Next was a brilliant blue model. A bit flashier sure, but a bit on the adult side for him.

Finally he selected an edgy little grey number adorned with green flames and silver stars. At least we're only choosing bike helmets.

Now that we've bought it and got it home, he has yet to put it on his head. At least with the blizzard today it'll be a while before we're pulling out the velos.

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