Monday, December 17, 2012

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Courtesy Premier of Ontario Photography

This year the little dude is in Senior Preschool. That means he's one of the oldest kids in his school. And with seniority comes privilege.

Courtesy Premier of Ontario Photography
This holiday season, his class got to head over to Queen's Park (the Provincial Legislature) and help the Premier decorate his tree. A couple of years ago there was even a bit of controversy as some trees went missing, turning up in different locations as the MPPs took their antics from the House floor to hallways.

To their credit, the little guys and gals handled the flashbulbs, video cameras and reporters questions better than many a grown-up. Even their answers were honest and straight to the point.

Premier McGuinty was quite good with the children and took it in stride when they pointed out that the upper branches of the tree were just out of reach for their little hands, even if his back may have paid for it the next day.
Courtesy Premier of Ontario Photography

Too bad they can't vote quite yet.

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