Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Heart Attack Man

This morning I was awoken by chest pains.

It was sudden, then gone, then again, a tight painful constriction in my chest. Great, heart attack already. What am I? Still 35 last time I checked. But wait, the rest of the signs weren't there.

Phew. Not a heart attack then.

Wait, there was the pain again. Why? Anxiety? The beginning of Day 2 of Daddy Daycare and already I was overwhelmed? I'd never live this down. But no, day one went quite well. So not anxiety then either.

One more time, a quick sharp pain, but as I ran down the symptoms the source started to dawn on me.

Chest pains, check.
Shortness of air, check.
Pre-schooler's full bodyweight pinning his pillow on my face, check.

Good morning family. So a Full English for breakfast then?

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