Saturday, February 23, 2013

Family Day Skate

This past family day weekend, CanaDad's sister came out for a visit. With actual winter weather in Toronto, apart from stockpiling supplies at the local LCBO, it was an opportunity to hit the ice. So we packed everyone into the car and headed down to the Evergreen Brickworks.

This was the little dude's second time on skates. Technically his third, although I'm not counting the first time when he refused to put on skates and was pushed around the ice on a chair by yours truly. I know you've all been there.

Clearly I'm failing as a great Canadian hockey parent, as those bound for the NHL are already outskating their parents at this age. At least we hit our hoser quota with the classic Bauer helmet and the bright orange skate frame, a staple of community rinks everywhere.

By the third lap the little man was actually starting to get the hang of it.  By this point some of his weight was on his feet rather than on the back of whichever adult was holding the short straw.

Great times were had by all, augmented of course by mugs of steaming hot chocolate.

Old man winter, feel free to stick around a while longer.

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