Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Start 'Em Young aka Born to be Legendary

As a parent in this day and age, I find there is one ever-present, particularly gnawing question. It can keep a parent up at night and drive you to distraction. Worse, if you get it wrong, you could be setting your kids up for failure.

So which programs should you enroll them in?

The drivers are numerous: making your kids happy; preparing your little ones for the future; giving them the tools to succeed; giving yourself a break (i.e. making them someone else's responsibility for an hour or two);  or simply living out your own dreams vicariously.

The harsh realities are many:

  • Success in sports is a longshot.
  • There are a lot more starving artists than those on the red carpet.
  • Spelling bee titles have little real world application.

But there's one arena where your little one, talented or not, in a few short years has a real chance to become not only a world champion, but the opportunity to travel the globe, well at least an expenses paid visit to Oulu, Finland.

Air Guitar!

Beyond the music, the drama, the athleticism, Air Guitar supports World Peace. After all "If you are holding an Air Guitaryou can't be holding a gun"In Toronto recently, the Canadian national champion was crowned.  Lee "Brymtime" Brymer battled some stiff competition sealing the deal in the compulsory round to Journey's "Any Way You Want It". And now he's off to Finland. With proceeds going to support of our favourite charity Right To Play.

Oh, and there's even national media attention:

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