Saturday, April 11, 2015

'Round the ROM

Look over there!

Living in Toronto we are spoiled with the great variety of activities for kids. For Christmas this year we received a Family Membership to the Royal Ontario Museum - the ROM.

It's great fun. 

There is a ton to look at: 
  • animals and insects;
  • dinosaurs and fossils;
  • ancient cultural treasures and clothing;
  • gemstones and natural wonders;
  • and don't forget the knights (did I mention we are in to those right now?).

We've been a few times, but have yet to see the whole place.

Beautiful Bugs 
As for many of these types of attractions, I highly recommend the family membership. It only takes a few visits to pay it off, it acts as a motivational destination when you just can't think of something to do, and it provides the freedom to leave. 

We've all been there. 

That says Don't Touch!
You know that place where we've shelled out the exorbitant entry fee, but the kids just aren't having it. Instead of taking in the beauty and the wonder (why aren't you learning?!?), they are in full-on meltdown mode. One is screaming, the other is tearing the place up. If yfou have a third they are already lost somewhere. There are the disapproving looks from the other patrons, the ones you just want to stick your tongue out at, or some other less more appropriate gesture.

As a parent, you're either exhausterd or frustrated or have just plain had it. Most likely all three. That's the beauty of the membership. You can call it. Pack 'em up and head her home. No harm, no foul. Try again another day. There is no sunk cost, no sticking it out, no need to "get your money's worth". Did I mention I was a fan of this approach? 

Ya. I think I did.
Boy in the Bubble

A great boys day out!

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