Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back to School

September is here and it's that time of year - back to school! We have one last weeks respite before the big guy heads into Grade 1 after labour day. I'm not sure how it snuck up. We haven't really done any back to school shopping, although mommy managed to sneak in a pretty solid update to his warddrobe. The kid just keeps growing so fast, things barely last three months. Grrrr. How many pairs of ski boots are we going to get through this winter?

As summer fades, it is important to remember some of the great times with the munchkins.

Pony rides! 
Goats of Saltspring Cheese 
Saltspring Sailing Camp 
On the open ocean

Of course mommy and daddy had some fun too!

Salspring Winery

Pan Am Game Beach Volleyball

Blue Jays!

Lobster dinner!

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