Friday, September 17, 2010

Feminine Fragrances

Fatherhood Friday at Dad Blogs
Sometimes I wonder if my son is having an affair. Maybe a romance with an older woman?

Every day I pack him off to daycare, bundled securely in the blanket of our family's love. I drop him off and he can't wait to be rid of me. Does he not want me to see something? Does he not want me to know?

Despite his joy of seeing me at pick-up, I still can't shake the feeling that there's some sort of magnetic attraction pulling him back, away from me. He misses daycare on the weekends, and we have fun, but there's just something off. Something nagging at me, like lipstick on the collar, or folded restaurant receipts tucked away in his wallet.

Maybe it's just because he smells like he's strolled through beauty section of major department store and stopped at every fragrance counter for a sample squirt. Actually that's it. Now where did I put that shampoo?


Doug Skinner said...

I am having a similar issue with my little one, although the feminine fragrances are from her mother and my mother-in-law...Maybe I should start using my wife's shampoo...I think you're on to something.

James Bosma said...

Hi, Nick.

Does your daycare have a spy-cam?

Unknown said...

Hi James,

no it doesn't. I think the spy-cams are a bit creepy. There's always a lot of parents coming and going so I'm not sure there's a need for it. But I'm going to have to think about this some more.