Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pump up the Jam

Tonight after a moderately successful dinner - the chunks that covered the floor were large enough to be easily gathered and the smeary hands didn't end up on parental clothing - we kicked back for a little family fun time. The wee man gathered up his new plastic animals and found them a new home, in amongst the cables, modem and speaker wires behind the amp. Spinning the nobs and pushing buttons, he was working the sound equipment like a veteran of the club circuit. Being old, the beats that sprung to my mind were less Pete Tong and more "Pump up the jam" alongside a little "Whoomp, there it is".

Should I be concerned that he seemed to know the words? What do they do at daycare?

Tomorrow we might have to Jump! Jump! as the Mac Daddy makes us . . .

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