Friday, September 3, 2010

Age of Wonder

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Vocabulary is a wonderful thing. We're starting to develop one with the little man. So far it's pretty monosyllabic, but he can communicate more clearly everyday. We've nailed words like Giraffe ("fiafia"), Sheep ("baa"), apple ("Pa") and baby ("bebe"). It's a pretty random assortment and I'm not sure how talking about baby giraffes who eat apples with sheep will help in a job interview down the road, but it's a start.  He's also pretty big on the wow-factor. Not just wowing his parents with new words, but the simple expression of "Wow!"

Case in point, picked him up from daycare with plans to meet mum-mum at the grocery store (after a couple of weekends lounging at cottages the shelves were pretty bare at home). Grocery stores don't really get my juices flowing, even if you count the rush from cashing in a coupon to save a quarter on some lunch meat or whole dollar on a pack of diapers. I actually particularly dislike the store in question - it's one of those all-organic with crazy high prices to match joints, even if the food is actually pretty good. Well we walked in the front door, the little man actually holding my hand instead of pulling his ragdoll resistance, and there was only one word for it:  "WOW"!

The whole place heard it. The entire store stopped in its tracks - the cashiers cracked up, the stock boys paused and mum-mum heard our arrival from way over in the produce section.

I'm thinking maybe we need to take him out more.

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