Thursday, May 30, 2013

You gotta fight for your right

The end is nigh.

Maybe not the end of days, but the end of parental leave and the end of daddy daycare. The Pumpkin Man is in daycare transition this week, starting full time on Monday.

Good thing he has an older brother who has taught him the ways of the big, bad world. One of the Pumpkin Man's first daycare experiences was mealtime. He was sat at the table and handed his small chunks formerly known as food. Out of nowhere another baby sidled in and starting swiping his eats. His first reaction was to cry, but the daycare workers were too busy with other children. Quickly realizing his protest was in vain he swiftly implemented Plan B. As the other baby went for another handful, the Pumpkin Man poked her in the eye.

I'm not really worried about his transition.

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