Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I understand this is karma. Just desserts. What goes around, etc. Whatever you want to call it, but this time, I'm up to my elbows in shit. Literally.

Yes. We are potty training MaxLoco.

The first time around with the big guy, potty training was no big deal. We started on a weekend, made some progress, shipped him off to daycare and by the end of the week the kid was toilet trained. No bed wetting, no accidents. Heck, he can hold it for a full four-hour drive to cottage country, traffic delays included.

So when it was time for Loco to move up to pre-school room at daycare, we thought no big deal. This will be a cinch. Why are there all those parenting resources on the internet anyway? 
That was in October.

Loco is great on number 1. We put him in a diaper at night and naptime, and it is usally dry when he wakes. Good stuff. Another bladder of iron.

And then there is number 2.

I could go into great detail here about the challenges with this particular bodily function. I could get into the consistency (runny). I could get into the frequency (9-10 times a day). I could get into the preferred location (underwear), but I will just say this: when we have prior notification (olfactory and auditory), when we are close to his toilet (one of only three he will use in the whole universe), when he admits through his toddler defiance that it is in fact on the way, his primary insticnt when he starts to feel movement is to leap off the throne. From this point on he will remain rigid, rock-solid rigor mortis stiff. Killer plank bro. But he hasn't finished. Rather, he's barely started. Use your imagination.

And then the clean-up begins. Again.

Good thing you're so cute MaxLoco


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