Friday, March 31, 2017

Earn Your Keep

We all know that our parents walked 5 miles to school, even in the foulest weather, uphill, both ways and when they weren't in school, they were working in the coal mines or begging in the streets or something or other.

I'm pretty sure that I did those things too. I certainly remember having to wait until a certain time for shows to come on the tv, once a week, complete with commercials and everything. And that internet thing? Still a dark op buried in DARPA.

Today's children have it easy - on demand everything, numerous screens, a huge variety of activities and experiences. They eat well, have fun, have too many toys and lots of tech.  But are they learning responsibility, and, more importantly, when can they begin to make my life easier? 

Our guys are generally pretty self-sufficient (can get themselves food, water, even get dressed and brush their teeth), but now they've hit 7 and 4, we've started to introduce them to some more chores. Clearing their plates is great, now to actually get them into the dishwasher. The plates, not the kids. They seem to enjoy bringing the garbage bins in and out, although it's been a little tough explaining this only happens once a week. Putting their toys away? I've given up not stepping on LEGOs and instead have simply armoured myself (best slippers ever by the way). 

Here in Toronto, I 'm not worried about mowing our postage stamp lawn, but shovelling the driveway would really be something. What do you have your sprogets doing around the house? And what age do child labour laws no longer apply?


Judy Pearson said...

This was a strong article and I think this really made me think about the times when my parents helped me get to school. They really did their best to give me education.

Ralph Carpenter said...

You did a good job for making you child comfort. You are good inspiration of all other fathers to how beautifully you managed your time between your work and taking care of your child.

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