Friday, June 25, 2010

Awakening to a Police State

The sun rises over empty, windswept streets. The light reflects off of dew moistened steel fencing while large concrete barriers cast ominous shadows. The normal bustle of commuters, street vendors and tourists is replaced by boot-clad feet marching in unison, truncheons slapping against helmets and body armour. Word spreads of a new law, recently enacted in secret, giving police special powers that allows authorities to stop, question and arrest any and all near the "security zone". 

This isn't the scene behind the iron curtain at the height of the Cold War. Instead, this new security regime of "papers please" is Toronto, today - June 25, 2010. 

The world's leaders are in town for the G20 Summit, it's stated goal to bring stability to the world economy, to combat climate change and to foster maternal health for the disadvantaged. Meanwhile, these same leaders, working for the betterment of the world's peoples, must be protected from their own citizens. More than 12,000 law enforcement officers are on the streets. In addition to the usual pepper spray and water cannons, they've added a Long Range Acoustic Device or Sound Cannon to their arsenal. Banks, theatres, restaurants, tourist attractions have all closed, as have schools, universities and our daycare.

No one expects a terrorist attack. Officials have said as much. Rather, the $1.2 Billion in security costs are to protect these international dignitaries. To protect them from us, their people. 

Dissent has been effectively outlawed, the official "protest zone" a site designated miles away from the actual Summit site. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom to go about your business without police permission have somehow been overlooked.

So today I'm working from home, protecting the wee man from the protectors protecting us from dissent. I would have some pictures, but with the cops arresting the curious and deleting photos without cause, I didn't want to risk it.

Happy Summiting!

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