Monday, June 14, 2010

Party in the park

Altered states. Lifestyle changes. Different strokes.

One of the biggest adjustments with the wee man has been how we spend our evenings. Essentially after he goes to bed, we're in for the night. No romantic evening walks. No nipping out to the pub for a quick pint. No catching a last minute show that someone just got tickets for. So we adjust. We have had a few babysitters, but that requires planning, notice and a reasonable curfew. Not common ingredients in our harried experience of parenthood.

Some of our friends have recently had children and we've met some cool new little families. So we adjust. Instead of meeting people in the afterdark, we host afternoon playdates, dinner parties and early evening BBQs. It works. Especially since you get the whole of the next day, even if I still don't fully appreciate the crack of dawn.

All you need is a park, some pack n' plays and some plastic wine glasses.

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Cristin said...

That's a wagon-load of trouble!!!