Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where things belong

I think I've mentioned before that the little guy can be a bit particular. He definitely likes to get his way. He's gotten better at expressing what he wants too. Unfortunately he hasn't learned the art, or the existence, of subtlety. Rather a full out wail more often than not replaces a cute point and "Dah?".

At home this isn't too bad. Our neighbour is up at 3:30 am for work so if wee man is demanding something at, oh I don't know, 4:40 am, to take today as an example,  at least we're not making enemies in our own backyard. Often the demand is fair enough - and us stupid parental folk just couldn't figure out that there was a rumble in his tumble. Sometimes though, I feel that the terrible twos have arrived early.

A favourite game is pulling all the books off the bookshelf. Again, fine at home cause then he normally settles down and starts turning pages, completely absorbed. I think it's just not worth triggering the wail - the technical term for this parenting method is "pick your battles". Today at daycare though he took his particular form of demolition to a whole new level. He decided that his project for the day would be to remove all of the toys from the shelves. Every. Single. One.

Only when they were all piled on the floor in a heap would he choose which one he wanted to play with. Again, fair enough. Maybe he was indecisive. Maybe there was something cooler lurking at the back of the shelf. Maybe he was exploring. After he chose the daycare staff then patiently put all the toys back thinking he was happy and content. But he dropped whatever he had selected and did it again. 

I think hope the staff were somewhat amused, but I hope he doesn't push it tomorrow. My buttons that is.

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