Monday, August 30, 2010

Graduation Day

Cue the Chris Isaak. Ollie has moved on up to the Senior room. It's still Infants, but now it's Senior Infants. Next stop: Toddlers, and then University (not that we have any expectations or anything).

Although as parents we were initially aprehensive of the change, something that can hit him pretty hard, it has actually come at a perfect time. Daycare has been a battle since we returned from vacation. He got quite used to having both parents around and he has been really protesting his return to daily abandonment. He didn't understand that it was only a "vacation". Compounding matters, he's changed a lot in that time too. Now that he is walking and running everywhere, his perspective on the world has changed. It's a couple of feet higher.

He's been reunited with his cohort in the senior room and the daily visits to the playground in place of a stroller walk are great fun (and help tire him out). Today's drop-off was the first since July where there were no tears. Let's carry that streak through to bedtime!

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