Saturday, October 23, 2010

Toronto Fashion Week

I have a new respect for fashion designers. I've always fancied myself somewhat handy around a sewing machine - at least since my days in Home Ec back in grade 9. Isn't it like a riding a bike? Can't just pick it  up again 15 years later? So what the hell is a bobbin? Ahhh, thank you google.

I broke out the machine while on parental leave. I had grand plans of making stuffed friends, bloomers and maybe some cool outfits. Armed with some newly purchased thread, pins and elastic with a library book of cool kiddie projects under my arm I dusted off the vintage machine donated by our great-grandmother. One tag-blankie later and the machine was returned to the bottom of a basement "storage system"/pile of stuff in the corner.

Well it's time to unearth it again. Hallowe'en is fast approaching and after weeks of procrastination the little man's costume needs to get finished this weekend. He's napping now so you think this would be the ideal time to start. Instead I'm procrastinating on the interweb.

The plan is to make him a lion costume.

Updates (including photos) to come!

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bryan geoffrey randall said...

good to see another canadian dad breaking out the sewing machine!
i too blogged about my sewing insecurities!