Friday, October 1, 2010

What Goes In Must Come Out

Fatherhood Friday at Dad BlogsSince we started solid food about a year ago, the wee has always been a pretty good eater. He enjoys scarfing back all sorts of delicacies - from parma ham to aged cheeses, Belgian chocolates to wild fresh caught salmon, used kleenex carefully liberated from waste containers and muddy coarse sand that normally inhabits the playground.

Often his daily daycare report comes back with word of two servings or more at every meal and snack time. A surreptitious flip through the clipboard and his classmates are only pushing a measly one and a half. Of late, however, at home, his cooperation in mealtimes has been somewhat lacking. Moments after the Mediterranean seafood medley or dry-cured AAA Alberta steak has landed on his placemat it hits the floor, walls and ceiling. I know he really likes to help clean up, but I'm not convinced of the current method. It's getting hard to tell what colour the drapes used to be let alone how much he has actually eaten.

But changing his diaper last night I can guarantee that he ate his asparagus.


candicem said...

Is he using a fork/spoon much yet? My Oliver seems to love the independence of it all of a sudden!

That, and dipping :)

Steve said...

Nice. I actually felt kind of sad when we said goodbye to nappies earlier this year. But only momentarily.

Doug Skinner said...

We are having the exact same problem...OUr daughter is apparently eating 2 lunches and snack so when it's time for dinner she takes two bites and tosses the rest...I've got berry juice on everything...People tell me it will pass, but I can't see the light yet.

Pam said...

kids get picky, that's usually how it goes. only gotta worry when it gets ridiculous. hmm now green poo...glad i don't have to wipe anymore arses.