Friday, April 1, 2011

Any More Ebola?

I have to admit that I'm blown away by the little guy and the recent explosion in his communication skills. Words and phrases are pouring out of his little mouth like a ruptured Toronto watermain.. He still repeats a lot, as this week's "Come on, man!", "I can't see!" and "You can't catch me, copper!" demonstrate, but often there is purpose behind his utterances.

It's a lot easier to let him wail  appropriately manage his expectations, when you know the reason behind the meltdown. Where things have gotten stickier are with his ultimatums. When he takes a stand on an issue, his opposition tends to spread like contagion to any and all following pronouncements. So a relatively manageable and benign protest to going out the back door (preferring of course the front) quickly grows to encompass a refusal to sit while eating, the rejection of the food on offer and a repudiation of his home (wanting instead to reside at his Aunty Leela's).

Each of these snowballing denials is then underscored by his version of "never again". With each mounting objection he adds the tag line "any more". There is no reasoning with "any more". It has been ordained and it simply must be.

I'll be happy when we never see any more of "any more".

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