Saturday, April 16, 2011

Burling down, down the white water

Following last week's crib ejection and the subsequent transfer to a big boy bed, we've had the recent pleasure of being awoken in the morning by the gentle pad of little footsteps in the hall.  It's quite sweet, the initial rustle, the quiet hesitation, followed by the rush of quickening steps. The idyllic and innocence of the scene is suddenly broken by a demand for milk, no sleep any more and a quick glance at the clock which is regretted more often than not.

This morning, it was my turn to greet the owner of these little feet and greet the day with the little man. Let's be honest, this morning I was going to just phone it in. You want to watch videos kid? Be my guest. Isn't that why we have all of this technology? But then I remembered similar mornings (and similar times of day) from my childhood. And even though I can't remember what that zany Screech was up to, or if Optimus really did defeat Megatron and the Decepticons, I still have a piece of Canadiana firmly imprinted on my consciousness.

A quick search of YouTube revealed that this generation will not be robbed of this National Film Board masterpiece. So if you are in need of something wholesome to entertain as that coffee percolates, fancy a crash course in Canadian heritage, or you just need to go back in time, enjoy the Log Driver's Waltz:


christopher said...

Whenever I'm in need for a little nostalgia from my childhood I watch this video.

I think I needed it today. :) Thanks.

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