Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hockey Night in Canada

Flushed with the Canucks overtime victory last night, I stopped by Canadian Tire today and picked up the little man's first hockey stick. While not much, the small piece of plastic with a red blade was a big hit this evening.

Unfortunately the Habs couldn't keep the magic alive in their game seven tonight. It was risky business, not least of which was it taking mummum more than 90 minutes to get him down, so if I woke him with a well timed expletive hurled at the tv, I was going to have to deal with the consequences. I figured that if it came to it, he would just have to sit down and watch the game. Now imagine if the Oilers were actually in the playoffs. I don't think I'd even be letting him go to bed.

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Portland Dad said...

I got the boys watching Basketball and Soccer with me but they keep rooting for the wrong team and i have to send them away.