Monday, November 19, 2012

Prunes & Puking

The Pumpkin Man is five months old and we've got him on the fast track. Well at least he has started "solid" foods. They're still pureed, filtered, mushed, ground and otherwise pulverized, but they are technically solids.

The motivation behind the move is similar to most of our parenting techniques - we're just trying to reclaim some sleep. Now the Wee Man (Pumpkin Man's older brother for those not paying attention) was a pretty darn decent sleeper. Slept through the entire night from an early age (but maybe I walked to school uphill both ways).

Of course we were spoiled, but yes we'd like some semblance of night back. So the theory is to load him up,up to the gills, stuff him full of whatever we can and it'll help him pull through until the sun rises in the east.

To his credit, he really seems to be enjoying his new foods. Squash, sweet potato, apple sauce, mushed prunes. At least I thought it was mushed prunes, maybe mixed with a bit of rice cereal. That is until I tasted it. And nearly vomited.

Yes, it turns out we feed our small child, our adorable babe, our cute little munchkin absolutely disgusting food. The secret ingredient: formula, the stuff they make especially for babies.

Keep on keepin' on, little man. It only gets better from here.

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Anonymous said...

lol - yep, we also discovered (after some trial and error) that a spoonful of formula powder really does help the mashed edible organic matter go down. *Keeping* it down later is another matter yet...