Monday, November 12, 2012

Play for Success

Last week we helped Right To Play kick off their campaign to help Level The Field for children everywhere. Vote now for a chance to go to Africa and see Right To Play's work in action.

CanaDad is teaming up with Hayley Wickenheiser, alongside the likes of Kaylyn Kyle, Kyle Shewfelft and to help Canadian parents understand the power of play in helping children develop intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills necessary for success in life.

Win a trip to Africa while helping empower youth in Africa by visiting the Level The Field Facebook page.

Canada Plays

Play-based learning is a staple in Canadian homes to teach essential life skills to children:
  • 83% of Canadian parents say they use play to help in conflict resolution
  • 76% use play as a focus on education
  • 72% also use play for team-building
Overall 97% of Canadian parents use these techniques in their households.
Some would say "mission accomplished", but sadly this critical tool is unavailable to way too many children in the developing world. Right To Play's work provides children everywhere the skills they need to develop equally and reach their potential.

For example, Right To Play helps develop communities by empowering young individuals facing adversity with the confidence to become leaders of change. In Benin, Right Too Play helps both children and parents understand their children's rights as well as raise awareness and prevention methods within their communities. 

Ivie's story
Ivie from Benin
When Ivie was 16 she was sexually abused by a family member. In many communities in Benin, there is no support system in place for girls like Ivie to seek help. Right To Play has been actively working with her community leaders over the past few years raising awareness and educating children and their communities about the rights of children. Through playing games and sports with Right To Play, Ivie gained confidence in herself and trust in her Right To Play trained coach. This confidence helped Ivie share her story of abuse with her coach, prompting volunteers and staff to take action immediately. Right To Play works together with the community and local governments to protect girls like Ivie from forced marriage and provide them with ongoing support they need to put a stop to the abuse and create a brighter future.
How do they do it?

Right To Play employs a complex methodology that goes beyond simply building knowledge and awareness by ensuring participants acquire skills to adopt and maintain behaviours such as self-esteem and problem-solving. Right To Play's focus on experiential learning ensures that through play children can reflect, connect and apply the essential learning. To ensure quality implementation, Right To Play also employs a delivery model that build local capacity and sustainability. But at it's core is the belief that every child has the right to play.

Help us Level The Field and provide children around the world with the opportunity to play. By voting on the program you want to see in action, you'll have a chance to go to Africa with the team that has the most votes and see Right To Play's work in action. 

To learn more visit Level The Field.

When Children PlayThe World Wins.

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