Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok

Having tested the +HondaCanada Odyssey's capacity to haul lumber, it was time for another wintertime tradition, again involving wood. Time for our annual trip to Horton's Tree Farm. 

We bundled up the boys, hit the Starbucks and headed north. Only in the Odyssey the back seat was a lot quieter thanks to the Lion King playing on the widescreen.

The view from the back

With the boys content in their wireless headphones, mommy and I could listen to whatever we liked on the stereo. A rare privilege, not that we don't appreciate the same tunes as the boys (among their favourites are Black Dog, Skyfall and Get Lucky). Rather it's the random and somewhat unreasonable requests to turn off or change the radio.

Man cut tree
Selecting a tree with Mommy

With a tree selected, chopped and hauled back, it was time for hot chocolate. As friends and family struggled with rope, bungies and twine, I popped the trunk with the push of a button and tossed in the tree.

Look at all that room!

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