Saturday, May 24, 2014

Family Trip to the Brickworks

I'm sure the university kids were all playing frisbee in their shorts and skimpy outfits on the last day of exams back in April, snow be damned. I would have been there too once upon a time. Now I've waited til the end of May. Til the weather has actually warmed up. I can blame not wanting to expose the children's delicate constitutions to the rigours of the elements, but really I'm just turning into more of a wimp.

Now that Spring has actually arrived in these parts, we're taking advantage. We're getting outside. One of the best spots to get back to nature with the fam that's only 5 minutes away is the Evergreen Brickworks.

The reclaimed and re-naturalized ruins of a century-old brick factory, they have done a tremendous job letting nature reclaim the site while turning some of the old industrial elements into event space.

Given the mud-quotient on some of the trails, combined with the offering of some craft brews in the old kilns, you can guess where we found ourselves. Does it help in the justification that the only space capable of soothing a tantrumming MaxLoco was the beer garden? It certainly calmed me.

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