Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bath-time follies

While Oliver had his first bath in the hospital (see post below), it was quickly mom and dad's turn to bathe and clean him (his success in bowel movements and slightly sloppy feeding habits contributed to an acceleration in his hygiene regime).

So mom and dad, maybe a bit short of sleep and a bit panicky at the prospect of a slippery crying infant, thought the best approach was to put the soap directly into his little tub. The bath itself went great. With not too much crying on Oliver's part and no noticeable deposits in the water, mom and dad declared "mission accomplished", only to have to do it all over again. The addition of soap the bath water made rising little Oliver a bit problematic as he continued to shine with a fine soapy film. Now a slippery baby who was not afraid to express his feelings about the situation had to be added to a fresh tub of clean water to be rinsed. Bath-two in as many minutes again went well and we're all a bit wiser from the experience.

His second (or third depending how you count) bath a couple of days later was much smoother. We'll let you know if tomorrow's goes according to plan.

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