Sunday, April 19, 2009

Six AM Panic!

As new parents we are diligently ensuring little Oliver gets in all of his little meals. Obviously this has meant many feedings in the wee hours of the morning. Oliver, however, has not been helping us out. He doesn't usually cry when hungry, reserving his largest protests for diaper changes.

So last night he ate his late night snack at around 11:30pm and everyone settled down to bed. The next thing Nick & Cris knew it was 6:00am - more than six hours since the last feed!

In a panic we woke the little one up and rushed a meal into him. Panic averted! Except it was only a panic for his parents. He had eaten a lot yesterday and was perfectly content to sleep and digest.

He's still gaining weight and seems to prefer his meals in the daylight. If he wants to let us get good six hour stretches of sleep, all the power to him.

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