Friday, February 26, 2010

Daddy Day Care - The countdown begins

Next week is the final week of Daddy Day Care. Then the munchkin is handed over to the professionals. That snuck up fast. 

One last week of Gymboree and Rainbow Songs. We never did make it to any swimming lessons (conflicted with naptime) so we wont miss those. Playdates with the mommies group will have to move to weekends. I think he'll like hanging out with the other kids though. He is getting really big, and mobile, and vocal. He has more hair on his head (although he could do with a little more insulation, especially since he'll lose it all by 40) even if it tends to stick up like Alfalfa. This week he has perfected his new "monkey mischief" smile. A toothy, eyes-closed grin, he unleashes it when he's about to monkey about. Sort of an early warning system. Not that I can keep up with him. Speaker wires, the router and dirty shoes and stroller wheels seem to be his preferred ruckus. Now that the bookshelves contain only his books, he has free reign there. Ditto on the tupperware cupboard and his dedicated cell phone and remote control.

Well he must be feeling better today since morning nap is over particularly early. Since winter has returned to the Tdot, we are going to try out the sled he got for Christmas. Stay tuned for pictures and a recap of his thoughts and opinions on Canadian winter weather. I know Mommy is hoping for another advocate of living in warmer climes.

This evening we will settle in and watch the next "big game" and of course the little man is already suitably attired in his Team Canada (HBC TM) uniform.

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