Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Daddy Day Care - yesterday

So we were back from Ottawa and it was a busy day in Toronto. Some errands to run, Gymboree to attend, and lots of crawling to be done. Not to mention the requisite mischief. Latest trick: pulling on the curtains. He knows he's not allowed to do it too. His little face gives it away.

All the activity made for a tired little guy, so naps were good. Too bad the weather was delaying the Olympics. Would have been a great chance for Dad to watch. Either way, we did see Maelle win her gold! And Dad caught the third period of the hockey after his Dodgeball game. Don't knock it. The Money Shots (our team) are first in our league (ok so it is Tuesday, B League, Rec Division, but we still havent lost this season (knock on wood)).

Go Canada Go!

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