Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day after yesterday, otherwise known as today

A day with one longish nap and one quite short one with some busy spurts in between. The highlight for today was after having run all our errands we had enough time to stop for coffee and lunch at the One in the Only. Great little coffee shop and the little man digs it too. (Dad prefers with the Only side, the side with 186 different beers in the fridge). He loved the staff and they got a kick out of him. He's always the most charming for others. Smart move really. Only later did Dad realize that not quite all the errands had been run. Missed picking up a few ingredients for dinner. Mommy may not be pleased.

Despite lots of fun, there were some unhappy moments today too. One was honestly Daddy's fault (the facebonk), but some of the origins of the others remain shrouded in mystery.

Grandpa Cheese and Auntie Kate arrive for a visit tonight so there is lots of fun in store for the next few days too.

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