Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day I've lost count

So Daddy is a bit tired. This week has seen the highs and lows of Daddy Day Care.

Tuesday sucked.

Today, Thursday was great.

Tuesday he was miserable, today he was the happiest clam. The most successful Rainbow Songs yet - it was animal day! Oliver got to bring Alocious the Alligator and all the songs were about animals. There were sharks, and monkeys, and octopi, and roosters, and donkeys, and more. It was great.  Dad liked the songs too -  especially the Donkey Riding!

Following a beautiful walk down to Little Bean (thank you sun for coming out!) and it was time to play with friends. Oliver showed off his newfound mobility. His little buddy Danny does the commando crawl too! The advantage at Little Bean is that he is actually allowed to get into everything, even if he doesn't know it. And therein lies the trick. Dad pulled that one this morning too when he got into the tupperware cupboard. Much better than the router (although those little blinking lights are pretty cool).

These meet-ups are useful not only to entertain and tire out the little monkeys, but for parents to conspire, apply their brainpower and attempt to solve the most recent challenges. Each week we come away with new strategems, sneaky tactics, and best laid plans.

Since Oliver was having so much fun with his little posse down at Little Bean, Dad pushed it and we are just going down for nap now. Worth it? I think so. We will see how grouchy he is tonight.

All in all it is good to see him pretty much over his cold (although Dad might be catching it now) and to get busy again. Just in time for his trip to Ottawa. Stay tuned to see how the car ride goes.

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