Friday, April 2, 2010

Long Weekend!

Fatherhood Friday at Dad BlogsFatherhood Friday has a special twist this week - it's a long weekend and a day off from the office. The little guy gets to stay home from daycare. After three weeks of struggle, we thought he'd enjoy a day home with the rents. Not so. I guess daycare has become a lot more fun in the last few days. They do paintings, play with playdough, sing fun songs and play great games. They even made easter baskets this week. Mom and Dad are boring by comparison. And we don't remember the schedule. Foolish parents, trying to put the little guy down for a nap too soon! No sleeping in on this long weekend.

The wee man's first birthday is in a week too, so let the preparations for the party begin. Honestly, I'll be happy if just get the house clean enough to have guests. I think there is going to be a theme though which means decorating, cake baking, loot bag prep and that's just for the babies. There are going to be grown ups too. A trip to Costco and the Beer Store should sort them out. You won't remember it, little man, but it will be a lot of fun.. I just need to keep reminding myself of that.

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